Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kelly's wedding: just snapshots.

These are mostly just snapshots. I just took pictures of things post-getting ready whenever I remembered to. I visited more and snacked on reception food and let other people play with my camera.

But here are the snapshots!

Here they are getting married!

Here they are after pictures and stepping back into the church as married people!

Here they are as cake toppers!
Katy made these.

Cute little snacks with the blue and red color schemes.

We tried to take a picture, but the little girl running by...

made us laugh a little.

The boys were a little more composed.

Then Jeff decided to get casual.

We really can't take him anywhere.

Here we are again with Kelly. Yay!

Here I am with Cody.

You can't tell I eliminated the red eyes on this one.
But I did.

Kelly made a honeymoon joke.

This is my cute little cupcake!

With the cute little bird!

Jessi really enjoyed playing with the bird.

Okay, me too.

We love Kelly's marriage.

Kelly loves the loop on her dress that lets her gather up her train and mingle with grace.

This is Kelly's new mother-in-law.

This is Kelly's mom with the grandparents.

This is the couple leaving amidst bubbles!
Jeff took these pictures.

Goodbye, happy couple!

And off they went!

Happily ever after...

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