Wednesday, July 7, 2010

June 27: Preparation

It's time for more Kelly pictures!

So: Kelly and John had their wedding after church services last Sunday. The family came before the church services and got ready for the wedding, then went to church, then got completely ready during the praise and worship part of the service, and married!

So I started taking pictures a little before 9 a.m. on only 2 cups of coffee.

Those cups of coffee must have been realllly strong, because I was shaking the camera a lot.

I know it's not because I was excited.

I was a little excited.

When Kelly and I saw each other in the church, we screamed and ran to hug each other. The preacher came out to see if everything was okay.

Everything was awesome.

I was superexcited that Kelly asked me to take pictures of her getting ready.

So I made sure to take a lot.

This is Kelly's dress and the flower girl dress for her cousin, Laurel.

These are shoes for the wedding.

This is the little jacket for Kelly to wear over her dress.
Her grandmother made it!

And here's a bridesmaid dress, too!

Here's the flower petals and the basket.

Here's the veil and more petals.
Really, all you need for a wedding is tulle and flowers.

And, if you're Kelly, you also need your iPhone.

She also needed Katy, her sister and bridesmaid.
I surprised her with this picture.

These are Kelly's back-up shoes.
She likes to be well-prepared.

The flowers!

She said she got her flowers at a farmer's market.

It's just one more reason why Kelly is my hero.

Here's Laurel, holding the junior bridesmaid dress for her big sister, Aubrey.

Wedding preppers, in their natural habitat.

Drat. She sees me!

I was apparently really fascinating by the hair-fixing process.










Sister feet!

Katy's foot.

Kelly's hands.
Check out that engagement ring!

Laurel watched every part of the getting ready process.

She was pretty interested.

Kelly's aunt, Cheryl,
(mother to Aubrey and Laurel, sister to Kelly and Katy's mom)
was in charge of teasing the hair.
She was good at it.

Doesn't Kelly just look ready here?

And here?
I could take pictures of her face all day.

I certainly did try.

Her face is very expressive.

And pretty.

And interesting.
I really think she's talking about cupcakes here, though.

More Laurel.
I should mention Kelly made everyone's red necklaces!

And there's Kelly's grandma!
She also wore red!

Which Kelly thought was really cool.

Kelly's hairdo is completed!

Here's Aubrey with Kelly's mom, Mrs. Donna.
Aubrey was barely 2 years old when I met Kelly.

Here's Katy in her dress.

Kelly approves.

Three generations try to figure out what's wrong with Aubrey's zipper.

Final verdict: it just won't go.
It's not too tight and there was nothing blocking the teeth.
Mrs. Donna had to sew her into the dress.

She pulled it off.

Kelly is completely ready, except for her wedding outfit!

Here are Jessi and Jeff, and they're so happy to see her!

Here is Kelly with another friend with other photographing duties.

And here's Cody.......
One day, I'm going to have a whole photo album of him (looking like he's) checking out/being cozy with/married to other women.

And here's the guest book and the card tree!

And then! it was time for church....

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