Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June 26: Preparation

Oh, hey, remember when I said this week would be Kelly Week?

Did you think I forgot?


This is a post about Saturday.

Saturday morning:

We picked up our basket for the month: blackberries, peaches, cantaloupe, milk, cheese, eggs, green beans, tomatoes, greens, corn, potatoes, and a pound of bacon.

Oh, and a watermelon.

Then I ran some errands and charged the batteries in my digital camera and took this picture:

Then I put black and white film in my 'real' camera and took this picture:

Saturday evening: Jeff and Jessi came and picked us up.

And off we drove! Into the sunset!

And into northwest Arkansas.

It's peaceful and sleepy, apparently.

Jessi rode shotgun and sang a lot.

I looked casual and enjoyed the scenery.

We stopped in Russellville to see Jarrett and have some dinner.

This is Jarrett's fridge.
Some of his roommates are less excited about moving out than others.

We went to a Chinese buffet and saw this amazing sight.

Then we drove and drove.....off of I-40 and onto I-540 and over hills and through mountains and finally to the hotel.

Cody brought his official pajamas.

Jeff brought his CPAP machine.

And this:
is Cody sitting on a bed with Jessi on Sunday morning.

The day of Kelly's wedding.

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