Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anniversary post for Laine and Robert.

Laine and Robert have been married 3 years today!

They've had a busy year.

What did they do?

Oh, let's see.......

They went to the zoo.

They went to some weddings.

They bought a house!

Then Laine ran a half marathon.

Then they painted the house.

Then they hosted our family's Christmas a week before Christmas.

Then Robert got a lawn mower for Christmas!

Then they painted even more of the house!

They had lots of friends and family over to the house.

Laine ran another race.

They hung out with a lot of babies.

Laine and I took an adventure trip.

(Llama from the adventure trip.)

They most likely fantasized about painting more rooms in the house. Just kidding! (No, I'm not.)

And they came in for Mother's Day, which was a great party.

You just have to trust me.

And then they came in for Father's Day, and we had a bowling party.

BUT! The fun was almost ruined when Robert forgot to bring socks.

Disaster loomed.

Then Laine ran to her car to dig into her personal reserves and generously found socks for him.

She takes such good care of him.

He bowled in style and we had a lovely time (even if he was on the losing team).

And now it's a month later and they've been married a whopping 3 years!

They're celebrating with working today, but then maybe they'll go on a date later.

What does Year 4 hold for them?

Tons of adventure!

They'll probably do some things to the house!

They're getting a roommate in the fall!

It's Leah.

Laine's going to have a knee thingy done!

Yes. A thingy. Isn't that exciting?

Next week she'll have a scope done on her knee and once the doctors see what's specifically wrong, they'll pick one of two procedures (you know, thingies) to do.

It should be quick and easy and then Laine will have a 'relaxing' recovery weekend.

And then Robert will take care of her.

And then they'll keep having married adventures.

I think this could be the most exciting year yet.

I bet they're excited about that.

Happy Anniversary!

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Laine said...

Thank you! And thanks for our post!