Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Authors and crafts

True story: last night I was in Barnes & Noble and I saw Kevin Brockmeier and all I did was freak out and grab people and hiss "Kevin Brockmeier is in here just browsing books like he's normal!" and feel flushed and excited.

I mean, I always think he should be living in some house that a hobbit would like, making lists and writing out books in longhand as he sits at a workbench. Like Santa Claus.

Yes. Like Santa Claus, I think authors should work any time they're not doing interviews or giving talks or showing up to book signings. They should endlessly toil away at amazing projects that will turn into fascinating works of art that I will read.

I never liked seeing Santa out in public either.

But for Kevin Brockmeier to just be out and about with a friend, browsing the sale tables.....the mind reels.

This morning, I told Laine about that amazing encounter and she asked why I didn't take a picture of him from a sneaky distance.

Then I realized I did have my camera with me last night.

Then my world crumbled a little bit.

I am so sorry to let you readers down!

I let myself down!

And to think, I pride myself on being so creepy and stalkerish ("pride" may not be the word I'm looking for......yes, it is) and it would have taken under 10 seconds to stealthily take a picture of one of my favorite authors ever.

And I didn't.

I hope you can forgive me.

I hope I can forgive myself.

To make this day of mourning and despair and shame somewhat better, let me tell you about a blog I started following this morning.

Anna Maria Horner.

I read an interview with her on purl bee because that's where I find all kinds of great things, and then I went to her blog and then I knew I absolutely had to try to make this tunic dress thing.

Oh, and she has 6 kids.

Oh, and she uses bright colors.

Oh, and one time she was on TV with Martha Stewart.

Oh, and she designs fabric.

I spent more time than I want to admit just looking through pretty pictures and struggling valiantly against drooling all over myself.

I lost that struggle.

I hope you can forgive me for not being creepy about Kevin Brockmeier to the best of my abilities, and that you enjoy these links.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to eat lunch and fantasize about making quilts.

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Eden said...

You had me at tunic dress. I almost bought her book of baby sewing projects not too long ago.

You should also check out Heather Ross's blog at . She designs LOTS of great fabric. I'm using some of her Mendocino fabric to make a quilt for Geneva--it should be finished by the time she's in college. I've been cutting out triangles since spring break.

And I KNOW that Kevin Brockmeier thing had to hurt. I'm so sorry.