Friday, May 21, 2010

Pitcher plant!


I drove straight from work. I was nervous. I was ready. Traffic was awful.

I got the very last plant!

The check-out guy told me that the store had only had a couple of shipments but people were buying them like crazy. He also said that the plant was really cool and I screeched out "I know!"

I bounced out of the store, holding this dangling plant while people stared at me. I bet they were impressed and kind of jealous.

I brought my fabulous new plant home and took these pictures:

The tag said to keep the soil watered at all times, and to fill the pitchers half-full of water.

Ariel view:

Can you see the shadow of a captured bug? No?
I could totally see it.

Look! It's a baby pitcher.

Look! Look into the gaping maw of death!
Bugs do not stand a chance against this plant. I want to name it. I want to research how to keep it alive in the winter months. I want more pitcher plants!

I have an uncomfortable feeling that I'm about to be mocked for my enthusiasm on this subject. It's like glitter all over again.

No matter. I have liked carnivorous plants since I was 7 or 8. Venus flytraps seemed to be in a lot of cartoons and they were sentient and smiling, eating people and bugs alike.

Carnivorous plants aren't sentient, like pets (but I wish they were). There are different types of traps, but the pitcher plant has pitfall traps. Bugs crawl in and are trapped because of the slippery inside and digested. Digested!!! How exciting!

I'm still not sure which type of plant I have specifically, but I've enjoyed looking around the Internet to find out. Look at this to see all the different types with the fun Latin words. Then look at this to see an American pitcher plant. And look at this again
to see my superawesome pitcher plant.


Erin said...

No mocking...just jealousy. I SO want a carnivorous plant of some type, I always have. But then I also have this tiny little fear of them coming to like and taking over our home at night, I think I've watched too bad sci-fi movies in my life.

Jen said...

And that is why I will never own a type of 'trap' carnivorous plant. Ugh.