Friday, April 23, 2010

I am telling you amazing things

First things first:
Today is the last day you can donate to Isaac's March for Babies team!

Also: Maumelle Family Fest is today and tomorrow. Click this to read more.

I'm mentioning Family Fest for 2 reasons:

The Science of Sleep is playing at 5.

Kierre's Kountry Kitchen will be there and they will be selling cupcakes.

You know how my husband is a super baker? How he made carrot cake that one time and you loved it? He made carrot cake cupcakes. Swoon with ecstasy at your own discretion.

Actually, Kierre's won't be at Family Fest if it rains. My mother-in-law will be out there today, but says she's going home if the storms come in.

AND: today is her birthday!

If you see her today, you should wish her a happy birthday.

And then you should buy cupcakes from her.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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