Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear Mom (and anyone else who bothers to read this--bless you!),

I didn't post today because I was busy with very important work because we're working on important things right now and when I wasn't working on work I was working on Mother's Day presents for you (and for Cody's mom. But she doesn't read this, so moving on). I think you will like it.

In other news, here's a picture I took when I walked under the Broadway bridge after nearly being attacked by a goose.*

*It didn't actually go so far as to try to attack me, but it was giving me a weird look and I was really nervous.


Mom2Four said...

Hi Honey, So glad that we got to "text" for a minute tonite. Thanks for taking a minute to post a note to me. I, too, had a very busy day with Dallas and didn't get to my computer until tonight!! Rare for me, I know, but now I am excited about my suprise.

Laine said...

Geese are evil. All birds are really. You should have thrown a rock at that goose.