Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You know what they say

If you can't say anything nice (or just can't say anything), don't say anything at all.

So here are some links.

I want to try this project some time soon.

I really like this list.

I'll try to keep this perspective in mind more often.

It's springtime once again and I want you to keep this practice in mind more often.


I may have found a new use for some old t-shirts. This might be more fun than when I converted an old tank top from a bachelorette party into a produce bag. It freaks out baggers at Kroger every time--except for one goofy teenage girl who laughed at it non-stop, asked me if I made it myself, and then told me I'd made her day when I answered that I had.

Also, I have another project lined up. But I won't tell you about it.

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