Thursday, March 11, 2010


Let's pretend that a brown broomstick skirt is practically the same thing as a pair of black dress pants and that it's completely acceptable to wear it two days in a row.

I took this picture because I told Laine what I was wearing and she said she bet I looked Pentecostal. I said I didn't, learned how to work the self-timer on my camera, and sent this picture to her to prove it.

She never said if she agreed with me, but did say I looked angry.

I was concentrating very hard on being still. Self-timers make me nervous--even with digital cameras, and even when I'm not posing with a big group of people.

That is practically the most interesting thing about my day. It's been busy, at least.

So now it's over.

Have a lovely evening. Enjoy a night free from storms and tornado scares. I know I plan to.

I don't care about the numbers on the calendar--my allergies are killing me, trees are blooming, and last night we had our first statewide tornadic freakout of the year.

Welcome to spring, everyone!

Daffodils in the neighbors' yard yesterday.
Pre-flattening from all the rain.

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