Thursday, March 18, 2010


This is a quasi-arts and crafts tutorial.

I was at the comic store with Cody last year when I noticed that the really old comics would be lovely framed. I didn't mention anything about it at the time because I figured Cody would go into hysterics about not appreciating ....uh, something about comics and maybe he felt the same way about deliberately ripping the covers off of comics as I do about defacing books.

But it turns out that he's fine with it. I mentioned wanting to do this at the beginning of the year and he nodded politely and said, "Oh. Sounds good."

I initially thought about it because: have you seen old Thor covers? They're fantastic. I thought a couple of them might make a nice gift for Cody.

But, with nearly everything else in life, my siblings are my guinea pigs.

So I decided to try this out first with some Captain America comics for Levi. Captain America is right up there with Teddy Roosevelt and Sgt. York for Levi.

Also, because I once copied some Calvin and Hobbes strips riffing on the joke about Picasso's Nude Descending a Staircase and placed them in a large frame with a copy of Nude Descending a Staircase (that I had respectfully removed from a textbook about to be thrown away) and gave it to Levi for Christmas one year.

I used aluminum foil as the backing.

I am very cultured.

Anyway, teenage Levi was actually pretty ecstatic and proclaimed, "Now I have art!"

So I thought he'd either find this Captain America project:

1. to be one of my more cheesy arts and crafts ideas
2. a horrific desecration of a comic book or
3. really cool.

If nothing else, I knew he'd be excited to get a package in the mail and I'd already told him I'd be sending him some old magazines.

So. Off to the comic store we went! I found some issues for $2 or $3 each.

Then I pulled off the covers.

Then I got all arts and craft-y in the living room floor.
You can also see that I was feeling festive because I plugged in the Christmas tree.
I went to Hobby Lobby on a week where frames were 50% off and found a black metal frame and a wood frame that looked kind of cheap, but I liked how 1980s it seemed.

I also bought some scrapbooking pages for backing. I thought about using some of the pages from the comics, but decided to leave them intact and mail them with everything else as a fun read.

See? Backing.

You can't really see it, but the paper is raised in some places.
Shiny and has form?! I love it.

And here's the older cover in the older-looking frame.
And there's also a bookmark I got for free at the store.
I thought it was a nice comparison.
One other thing: the frames are 8" X 10". Comics are apparently 7" X 10 and a few lousy centimeters. I had to slice off a little of the covers in order to fit them into the frame (this was another reason why I didn't just place the whole issue in the frame). Aside from being nervous about cutting unevenly, and tornadoes, this was fun and easy.

Yes, I did this project back when there were tornadoes.

But I'm posting about it now because Levi called last night to tell me that he came home to a box sitting in front of his door.

And he was really excited about his art.

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