Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We went out to see Mom and Dad this weekend. I couldn't post about yesterday because I was busy, and the Internet grew tired of me.

But here we are now.

Here's some of Dallas's homework.

And here's some of his handiwork!

Here's some of my handiwork.
I took these pictures forever ago and Mom framed them.

Here are Mom's newest chicks!
They didn't like me.

And her flowers.

I cut some and took them home.
They are lovely.

Dad took some awesome pictures of me with Mozart.

Mom owns a dog with arms bigger than mine. Just saying.

I tried to make it look like we were having a good time.
I think he was having a good time.


And his nose is almost as big as my knee cap.

We're having a blast!

Cody is having a great time, too.
He just doesn't like it when I take his picture.
I think.

I said, "Dad, look like we're having fun!"
He thought that was hilarious.
We're delightfully happy people.
And then I took a picture of Mom looking perfectly lovely, but I know she'd see it and make me take it down so I didn't put it up in the first place. She has that expression where she's almost amused and slightly concerned about all the pictures I take. You know the one.

Whatever. She's pretty. I'll take more pictures this weekend.

Because it's Easter! Lots of picture-taking!

I'll try to get more of Cody looking like this.

You're welcome.

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