Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day wisdom

If I could offer you any advice for Valentine's Day, it would be this:

This was Cody's idea. He's so funny. We were talking about less-than-kind Valentines (which I sometimes make) from previous years and he suggested a modification to one:

You could do the one with the bird in the tree and just write, "Don't screw this up." Oh! And you could use that other pretty bird and have it on the card in front of the other one. [sigh] I would love to give that to -----.

I can't tell you who he was thinking about.

Especially since we thought of 5 other candidates by the end of our conversation.

So I just made it for our amusement (and because I love the new bird stamp! So pretty.) and took this picture.

Oh, and this one:

(Cody is adorable.)

Just a reminder, February 14 is on Sunday.


Do something nice for someone you love. Anyone you love.

Don't spend too much money. But don't just pick up any old thing at a gas station.

Don't do too much too soon, but if you're pretty committed you should put forth some effort.

Do not give a hoe, a chainsaw, handweights, a gift card to Sonic, or jewelry for yourself to your romantic partner.

Definitely give Valentines.

Especially to your parents. Mine gave me life. I give them sloppy-looking handmade cards.

It seems like a good trade.

Buy yourself that heart-shaped box of the assorted chocolates. Those are fantastic.

Let others know you love them.

If you're going to mail your Valentines from the post office in Romance, be sure to purchase your postage there. Postage sales are their only source of revenue, and they have a wide variety of love-themed stamps.

If you're doing something homemade, I hope you're using glitter.

And just a friendly reminder:

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