Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy post-Valentine's Day!

Fun fact: I can fit a whole cupcake in my mouth. My parents are so proud.

I love Valentine-y food.

On Friday, I went to the boy house and we watched both versions (be impressed) of My Bloody Valentine and ate cupcakes and traded Valentines with friends.

This is my 'decorated' Valentine box.
(Felt hearts taped to a container I use to hold knitting needles.)
I'm just fancy like that, I guess.

My loot!
Not pictured: Brad's mix CD (because it was playing) and Jessi's mix CD (because I don't have it yet). I love songs about love!

Cody's Valentine for me.
I feel like I should explain, but won't.
Trust me, it's great.

Cody's present for me:

The best chocolate chip cookies in the world.

My Valentine for Cody.
(He doesn't like glitter.)

My present for Cody:
Banana nut bread.

It came from a Mayberry cookbook.
Mom let me take it with me when I got married.

Mostly because I killed a few pages with batter.

We went over to his mom's house and ate pizza on Valentine's Day.
Please notice the gold-dipped rose in the right corner of the picture.
Some old guy who comes into the restaurant a lot gave her that for Valentine's Day at least 4 years ago. I remember that Spencer was insanely fascinated by it at the time: "It's a rose dipped in gold! Why is no one else impressed with this?!" I mentioned it was, the same last night and Mrs. Dicy said she'd washed it off just the other day.

Ah, flowers you have to dust. What woman wouldn't be thrilled?

She also baked for us!


Um, and strawberry cupcakes.
Please don't look at my hair.
Just look at my huge nostrils instead.


I wish I'd taken a picture of their fridge--all 3 of my Valentines for Cody's family were up there. Very pretty.

I made one last year using this bird stamp:

only without the heart next to it, and above that I wrote "YOU ARE ALONE" and it lived on the fridge for months.

I have to brag, it's probably the greatest card I've ever made.

I was feeling pretty confident about this one:
I made it for Mom and Dad (get it? 2 big hearts/parents and 4 little hearts/offspring!) and thought it was really cute, but it kind of just looks like a monstrous robot face to me now.

I also made this for Sara and Chad:
only to have Sara ask "Where's the glitter?!"

Based on her reaction to their Christmas card, I thought she didn't like glitter.

"But I found out Chad Allen doesn't like glitter, so I was hoping this would have glitter on it."

I promised her a fantastically glittery Easter card.

I love Easter food.

And Easter decorations.

Only 5 more weeks until I can break out the glitter crafts again.


I'm already thinking about springtime decorations.

Easter eggs and baby chicks and live bunnies hanging from this garland:

Get excited.

I really enjoy holidays.

I hope you had a lovely Valentine's weekend.

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