Friday, February 5, 2010

Glitter cure

Good morning! I'm here.

Yesterday punched me in the kidneys. A little anyway. Work was crazy, coffee was bad, and I was tired.

You know what's good for that?

An awesome evening in.

An awesome evening in with arts and crafts (and some television about some people solving some crimes and saving the world).

Naturally, I documented the experience a little because I knew you'd care.

On the agenda:

more Valentine's Day stuff.

I'm from Romance. I like mixing red and pink. I love lots of people. I love cards.

I also love glitter. Glitter will be prominently featured in this year's Valentines.

You have been warned.

Because I love glitter.

I think it's stunning and sparkly and happy and exciting.

Just look at this coffee cup of glitter! And it's Fiestaware! How can this not fill you with the joy of the season and make you want to give big, sparkly hugs to your loved ones!?!?

Fun fact: if you zoom in on the coffee cup full of glitter (if I could start my mornings with this--without choking and getting sick and possibly dying--I would), it looks like a beautiful and glittery light and the end of a lovely yellow tunnel.

I wonder if that's what it looks like when you go to Heaven. I like to think so.

(Levi is vomiting and shaking with rage as he reads this blasphemy.)


I busted out the glue gun and some floral wire and made a little wreath for our bedroom door.

I cut up some heart garland I made a few weekends ago. Some will go on the kitchen door, and some:

is on my bedroom mirror.

PS: here's another picture of the garland on our bedroom windows. It's currently the closest thing we have to a headboard. I think it's festive. By the way, I got the garland idea here.

And then I garlanded up the bathroom mirror.

And decided to stick my scrubbed-clean face in there. And yes, I'm wearing my TSOS shirt. I like to wear it for arts and crafts because 1) it's comfy and 2) I made it. Those are felt iron-on letters, by the way. How perfectly in keeping with one of the night's themes.

(I just now realized the N is upside down. How unfortunate.)

And finally, after nearly a week of 'oh, I should.....', I started making Valentines.

It was the perfect night.

And now I'm at work, waiting to see if we'll be busy or if things will be crazy or if something in the real world (work is not real in comparison to my life) will be off-kilter and drinking my coffee in the meantime.

My coffee is good today. Know why? Because I made it stronger.

How could I have been so silly?! The solution to everything is always more coffee.

Or glitter.

I hope you're having a good morning.

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