Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Serious Saturday: another one about the weekend.

We met up with parts of the family for dinner Saturday night.

I ordered the kid's enchilada.

The rest of meal went like this:

Dad modeled his awesome reading glasses.

But then I said, "Dad, look serious.
Those are serious-looking glasses."
So he did.

And Grandmother followed suit.

Dad looked very serious as he paid the bill.

Then Mom did this.

And Cody was shaken to his very core.

The full force of it hit them at the same time
and they solemnly took it all in.

Sara was filled with sorrow.
Chad was brooding and mysterious under his cap.Then Sara realized Chad was hiding from me
and took his cap from him.

And he fought her and lost.

Just like always.

And you read this and realized we were having a lovely time.

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