Friday, January 8, 2010

Pictures and few words

I know I've done a lot of picture posts this week. No one's really complained, so I'll keep it up for today.

Pictures are easy. You put up the images, people are happy, you're spared from writing.

Between the cold weather and the cold medicine, I haven't been able to think in a straight line.

I do not handle the cold well. It makes me tired and cranky and shivery and frail.

It also makes it hard to think.

I'm a wimpy creature.

Pictures with short, choppy sentences are doable. (I still had to proof this a lot!)

So let's begin, shall we?

August 2007.
I played with this.

This morning.
I played with this, but it's still pretty accurate.
The cold just sucked the colors right out of me!

January 6, 2010.
This didn't seem to go with the post from yesterday.
My office looks like a creative and crafty place while I do plain editor things.

This morning.
I wore this today. I wish I could wear it over my whole face.
Mamaw could be talented enough to modify this....

Last night.
This is our bed.
I need to be here.
Soon enough.

Soon enough, there will be sleep.

Soon enough, there will be words and typing and coherent thoughts.

For now, there will just be pictures.

But there certainly won't be any Christmas tree-dismantling this weekend!

I'm going to make Valentine-esque garland for it.

But Cody did not smile like this when I first told him about it.

I cannot begin to imagine why.

I'll share some of my cold medicine with him. He'll understand my logic in no time.

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