Monday, January 4, 2010

Not a snow day.

The alarm sounded.

I turned it off and went back to bed.

Cody was not there.

I searched for him.

Cody was making coffee.

I hugged him and went back to bed again.

Cody came in and asked if I'd looked out the window. I hadn't.

He raised the shade. I wasn't wearing glasses and could only assume that it had snowed.

It had.

He watched the news for cancellations and found none.

I showered.

But I took my time.

If I was going to have to come in today, I was going take my time.

Cody decided he would take me to work, if only to make himself feel better.

He said the snow ruined his plans.

His mood improved when he discovered his day off wasn't ruined.

(He called his brother to see if the roads were clear and found that they were.)

So he would still be able to go to the library and take gingerbread to his grandmother because he's adorable like that.

I drank some coffee and took a look outside for myself.

I stepped in the alley and realized it wasn't slippery. The dusting of snow was just a dusting. No ice underneath.

Then my mood improved slightly.

My mood improved considerably when Cody volunteered to frolic in the snow while I took pictures.

So he did.

He's skipping or something here.
Then he took a picture of me.

"Smile." he said.
He said the picture came out cute.

Then he warmed up the car while I gathered my things together.

We drove to work on pretty clear roads, even if the view was snowy and dramatic because it was framed by this:

Cody dropped me off at the door.

I asked him if he was going to make chili for supper.

"Do you still want me to make chili?"

I looked around. The windshield was still snowy. The skies were gray. Scattered flakes were still drifting through the air. Cold air was blowing into the car.

"If you can think of a better day to make chili, I'll give you $20."

Cody thought. His face brightened.

"National Chili Cook-Off Day! Yes! I nailed it! What's up?! Yay!" Then he chuckled to himself and waved his hands.

Totally worth it.

Then I walked into our office and my supervisor informed me that the inclement weather policy was in effect.

Only very few people in our office knew about it because it didn't show up with the closings on television until 7:30 a.m.


At least the sun is shining now.

And I'm wearing jeans.

And my cute husband will pick me up later today.

And we're having chili.


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