Monday, January 11, 2010

I took pictures of pictures of myself and now I'll talk about myself a little

My parents tell me I didn't talk until I was 2.

Apparently, I used a few words and that was it. They said they weren't worried because they could tell I was paying attention to things. Or everything.

So there I was. Mostly silent. Pursuing my own interests. Wearing strange things on my head.

And then I turned 2. And a few weeks after that, I started talking.


(and please remember I was their firstborn and they were young and easily impressed and this was over 25 years ago so they may remember things differently--or at least tell the story a little differently)

I spoke in complete sentences.

The grammar structure wasn't perfect, but I'm told it was pretty stable.

One of my grandparents told me pulling out my pacifier was like unplugging me. Tons and tons of full sentences and whole conversations came out of my fat, little face.

Yes, I had a pacifier. It's a coping mechanism.

I was sick a lot and then Laine was my sister. My parents figured I could use the comfort.

(This is me with my cousin, Angela. I gave up my pacifier long before she gave up thumbsucking. I just want you to know that.)

My parents like to tell this story, especially my mom. And I have to remind myself that when you have kids you tend to react differently than you think you would, and I was their firstborn and they were young and easily impressed and this was over 25 years ago. Because they think their silent, undersized toddler who suddenly talks is such a cute little thing and such a cute little story.

I think I sound a little creepy. It's a cute little story about a weird little kid.

Weird little kid, circa 1985ish.
I am apparently undeterred by the fact that the coat is on a hanger.

It's nice to lapse into silence sometimes. To do my knitting and read my books and complete my work and not let on what I'm thinking because the people who generally actually need to know what I think generally already do.

I thought about taking a break from blogging this week just to do so. To clear my head and come up with some quality posts about relevant things and interesting observations about stuff you wouldn't have otherwise considered.

But then I checked my picture files and realized that I could do another week's worth of photo posts and you could get the illustrated posts you like and I wouldn't have to say very much, which is what I would like right now.


Enjoy the silence.

Enjoy the pictures.

I'll be around.

Just being myself.

Dressing comfortably.

Judging everything.

Holding my tongue.

Trying to find a replacement for that hat.

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