Thursday, January 14, 2010

Field trip with Dallas

We like Dallas a lot.

You've probably noticed. My parents watch him a lot and we love him like he's ours, because he somewhat is. We love having adventures with him. He builds things with Dad, runs errands with Mom, plays video games and goes for walks with Levi when he's home....until his parents eventually call and gently remind us that his bed is at their house and they'd like to see him again.

The nerve.

So. My mom had a doctor's appointment yesterday and asked if I'd like to help her out for the day.

I could not take off work fast enough. I immediately began making all kinds of plans for the fun things I could do with Dallas as I showed him around.

I will tell you right now: we did not do half of those things. But it's hard to be disappointed since we had such a fantastic adventure anyway.

Field trips always save the day.

Here's how it went:

Late morning: I met up with Mom and Dallas. Then Dallas and I went to Barnes and Noble.

Don't worry, I only ordered some hot chocolate for him. He won't get to drink coffee until he's at least 14.

Just like me.

Then we picked up Gail* and went home so that Dallas could meet my house. We ate some soup, Gail got comfy on the couch for a nap, I found a jacket for Dallas, and we embarked on our big city adventure.

Adventure #1: finding a parking spot. The library lot was full. As was the free parking under the bridge across the street. I wasn't about to pay to park (especially since I only had a dollar), so we parked 2 or 3 blocks down.

At least the weather was nice, and we enjoyed looking at the buildings.

And this great sculpture.

Then: the library!

He was ready!

Even though the children's section of the main library is slightly smaller than the Searcy library in its entirity, Dallas was a little disappointed in its lack of Jack Stalwart mysteries.

But he still enjoyed his tour.

Then he asked, "Can we go see a museum or something?" and my heart sang.
We looked at some pottery in the library and were off.
Not pictured: us, holding hands, running and yelling every time we crossed the street. It was intense.

So we went to the Historic Arkansas Museum (because it's free and nearby) and enjoyed looking at the weaponry.

Really cool gunpowder horns.

Really, really cool.

Dutch musket from the 1600s.

The stairs to the second floor were also really fascinating.
He's underneath them.

We checked out the photography and found the Caddo, Osage, and Quapaw exhibit.

He loved this.
It was like Rock Band for the Turkey Dance song.
It said he did a good job.
He did this 2 or 3 times.

Then it was time to go.

We made plans for next time before we even made it back to the car.

We went to Barnes (again!) to wait for his mom to get him.
So he did some homework.
Gail kept him focused by reminding him he needs to be able to concentrate wherever he is.
No kidding, buddy. The cows at the state fair do not care if you're studying for the PSAT. They don't even know what that is.

He's concentrating.

I made a list of the great day.

Chai lattes made the list twice!
Dallas had milk this time. Stay calm.

Gail took this great picture of us.
He said he would be as tall as I am when he turns 10.
I told him our friendship would be over when he turned 12.

Next time, I want to walk him around my neighborhood, and see the Capitol, and the Old State House, and the River Market.

Field trips are great.

*When Dallas was little, we got into the habit of calling my parents "Rick" and "Gail" and his parents "Mom" and "Dad" whenever we were around him to avoid confusion. Now that he's big enough to know the difference.....we still call our parents by their first names around him. Calling my mom "Mom" in a post about a day with Dallas is weirding me out, so we're sticking with "Gail." It's a nice name. You probably don't get to see it enough anyway.

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