Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wonderful announcement

Oh, hey. It's my Christmas tree! I took this picture last night.

Last night, we celebrated the Winter Solstice by celebrating Chad's birthday. One of these days we're going to throw him a killer, winter-solstice-themed birthday party.

But last night, we just ate Mexican and had the waiters sing to him and make him wear a hat. Most of us had already given him his birthday presents this weekend. So he got to tag along with the family to Starbucks, even though he doesn't seem to like coffee and then we went to Target so Sara could look for a pair of boots so she could be cool just like me and so IIIIIIII could get a digital cameraaaaa! (Please read that in a hyperactive and obnoxious little-kid voice. Thank you.)

That's right. I was wasting no time! I had my lovely gift card from my lovely family and I'd looked around online for as long as I could stand it earlier in the day (surprisingly not that long) and I found one I thought I wanted and then I looked at it at Target and I wanted it and I got it.

The end!

Not really. I could easily tell you more. It's like Christmas morning inside my head.

I have a digital camera.

It's blue.

I bought extra batteries and a memory cord and a pouch and the warranty and soon I'll make a very cute pouch that looks cute and crafty and will keep it safe and maybe a charger cord because, hello, dead batteries just aren't cool and I may need to just up and charge it sometime because you never know.

It's small enough to fit in my pocket and I can show you my pictures as soon as I can get to a camera.

I've already used it! The batteries that came with are half-dead. Dumb. I have more.

I've already taken 4 pensive self-portrait pictures!

Don't worry. They're deleted.

I've already gone to the Kodak website to learn more about my new little friend.

Let's take a look at last night's Christmas tree:

Are you not soooo happy that I'm showing this to you now instead of mid-January? Because I am.

And I can take pictures and if they're bad, delete them immediately and try again and not waste film.....

....except for when I waste film. It's not like I'm getting rid of my old camera. Look at her!
It's beautiful. It's trusty. It's heavy and solid and great and in dire need of a cleaning.

And I love it.

I've had this since I was 15. Maybe 16. Either way, I cannot believe my parents gave this camera to a teenager--even if that teenager is responsible and paranoid and a complete killjoy who yells "Keep the strap around your neck!!!" like I was. I'm glad they did, though. Because a couple of weeks after Christmas, I broke my little point-and-shoot camera in a feed store bathroom and it's all Laine's fault and this big new camera was the only one I had.

But that's another story for another time. Like never.

The camera was a fantastic Christmas present (or birthday present. Possibly both.) and has been a glorious investment. And I'm keeping it because I love it.

But the past year has been horrific. The camera is fine. The camera takes great photos and really isn't that heavy or cumbersome.

But good luck finding a one-hour film development place that won't charge $80,000 for singles and a CD. Plus, rolls of film contain 24 pictures. And sometimes it can take a while to photograph 24 things that seem worth developing and that's why I write posts with pictures about things that happen 2 months prior.

Oh. the. indignity.

But all that's behind me! I have a digital camera! It's so pretty and smart and ready-to-use (even though I'm probably going to be just as cautious and possessive when you use it as I am with my 'real' one) and shiny and it has a warranty and I love it so much!

I'm so happy!

Life is going to be (more) amazing now!

You will have illustrations for every minute detail of my life that I already bore you with while I use my words!

I can learn to use a timer!

I can get a good profile picture for social networking sites!

I can take even more pictures of Cody, like, alllll theeeee tiiiiiime (there's the voice again)!

Yes. Get ready.

And, now, without anymore reminiscing or tangents or histrionics, I give you:

my new camera.

I really want to name it Egbert.

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