Tuesday, December 29, 2009

With one to grow on

I've decided that instead of New Year's resolutions, I'm giving myself a to-do list of things to try before my next birthday.

Because I am growing a great deal older.

So yes. 29 things to do before I turn 28.

I stole the idea from this post. But then I gave myself one to grow on, because that's how I do things. Some are big and some obviously aren't, but I thought they'd all be fun to try.


29 things to do before I'm 28

  1. Make a quilt
  2. Make a quilt with Cody
  3. Take another class with Cody
  4. Grow tomatoes
  5. Put up tomatoes
  6. Visit Miami
  7. Visit Levi
  8. Another My Morning Jacket show
  9. Make an afghan
  10. Go on a road trip with Laine and Leah to Red Velvet Art
  11. Do some outside editing
  12. Give more photos as gifts
  13. Stop acting so frightened of newborns
  14. Practice yoga without snickering
  15. Buy some scissors for cutting hair...and cut hair
  16. Read 100 books
  17. Read more poetry
  18. Repaint the coffee table
  19. Build a shelf for the arts and crafts supplies
  20. Buy 0 cards
  21. Make cute gift tags
  22. Have a successful no-spend adventure! in February
  23. Start a house fund
  24. Get linked back to because I'm so cool
  25. Pay off my car
  26. Not say anything negative about Cody online
  27. Lots of walks to the library
  28. Get a headboard for our bed
  29. Enjoy more pumpkin foods

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