Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesdays make me so boring

So, what can I say?

It's Wednesday. I'm wearing a dress. I'm almost finished with Christmas cards. I'm out of stamps.

Cody's been making bread again.

We had a nice birthday dinner and coffee with Mom.

She had a happy birthday.

We did not mention her birthday at the restaurant, so no one sang to her, so we declared the evening a success.

I bought new markers last week. They are amazing.

Remember back when all stamps were lickable? I thought that was great. Same thing for envelopes. Now I think it's gross.

I also enjoyed bologna when I was little.

And cold hot dogs.

I'm covered in glitter.

After I finish the Christmas cards tonight, I'll put away the glitter. Then maybe Cody will be my friend again and will stop looking at the living room so sadly.

Okay, there's a spot where I glued some purple glitter to the floor while making Laine's sign. That may be permanent. Live and learn. At least it's pretty.

A mold guy came by the house a few days ago. Our air humidity is good, the walls are good, and the insulation is good. Apparently we just need to keep air circulating a lot of the time and the landlords need to keep the other side of the house heated.

And we need to never have a two-month-long rainy season again. I don't even think I'm exaggerating.

I'm still mourning the loss of my $1 flipflops from Wal-Mart that I bought in 2004. There was no saving them, the poor molded things. And they were my favorites. But of course.

Once I'm finished with the Christmas cards, I can wrap some presents.

I need to hustle on those Christmas presents! I have 2 weeks of buying/making/wrapping left.

This can only mean one thing: my birthday is in 7 more days.

I'm not sure why I'm paying so much attention to my birthday this year. I usually don't. Granted, I've never been this old before.

Other happy birthdays are coming up: my cousin, Cassie (10th); my friend, Kelly (10th); my brother-in-law, Chad (21st--Winter Solstice boy!); and Levi (27th).

Cody's Memaw would have celebrated her birthday on the 18th. We gave her a present one year and she said we shouldn't have because people with December birthdays shouldn't ask for birthday presents because they'll be getting gifts for Christmas.

I might have told her to stop with the crazy talk.

She was a nice lady, but who talks about giving up presents?!

Crazy people, end of discussion.

Mom gave me her elves for my birthday last year. I love these guys. Love.

They're living on my coffee table with Cody's polar bears. Very festive, very wintry.

It may be that way through January. I love seasonal decorations.

I want to make some more pumpkins. I'll be ready next fall!

(If you want some pumpkins for yourself, give me some fabric and $20 and I'll make some for you. I just need an excuse to do more pumpkins.)

Cody made borscht the other night.
If you took goodness and stewed it with cabbage, beets, potatoes, carrots, sugar, and vinegar, it would come out looking that that.

That's pretty much what our winter-lives look like: food, crafts, glitter in weird places (coat pockets? my phone? huh?), and Season 2 of Burn Notice.

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