Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Run, Laine, run!

Laine ran a race.
She ran the half-marathon in the St. Jude's Memphis Marathon.
They gave her a medal.

Here is Laine preparing for the race.
Her shoelaces stayed tied the whole time.
My favorite part of pre-race prep was watching her pull a peanut butter sandwich out of her pocket like it was no big deal and eat it.
We did some pre-race prep of our own.
I made a sign.
Robert carried Laine's things.
We took a picture.

Here is Laine at Mile 3!
We cheered and I took a picture.
We were afraid we wouldn't see her, but she waved at us.

Well, we were in Memphis you know.

Here is Laine, mere moments after crossing the finish line and finding us!
Mom and Dad practically grabbed her from a throng of people to hug her.
She got a snack and some water and we took some pictures.
Then we got in the car and went home.

But not before she made me throw away my sign.

I will say this, though: if you ever want to cheer someone on at a marathon, bring a bright and big sign. You're not going to get your person's attention by yelling. Everyone's yelling. Wave your sign!

Robert hated my sign. But we made him hold it because he's so tall. It made it much easier for Laine to see us at the designated meeting place.

We will remember this for next time.

Because Laine wants to do this again.

Go, Laine, go!

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