Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Post-Thanksgiving weekend

I developed film last night. Here are some pictures.

I'd like to tell you that this is the last of the pumpkin pictures.

But it isn't.

Because I'm in love with my own decorating style.
And yes, I am, in fact, an adult. Why do you ask?

Little Zoe.

Such a small, pouting dog.

Such a large, pouting dog.
And then poor Zoe broke her little leg!

And then we had to send Levi back to North Carolina.
That was sad.

Yes, the weekend declined a little. A leaving brother on top of an injured puppy is just incredibly sad.

So I'm going to fill the awkward and sad silence now:

Dad took this picture at the airport. Levi strongly dislikes picture-taking. There was a picture of Levi and Cody that I took where Levi bought that Arkham Asylum video game, but he pre-ordered months and months in advance so he could get the special edition that game in a bat-shaped box and it came with a mounted batarang that he gave to Cody. So I took the picture of Levi and Cody and the batarang, but it came out so blurry I'm not even going to include it.

Which is really just as well because it looks like Cody is going bald in the picture.


And: I demand to know why even Mom is taller than I am. She's in the distance! This isn't fair. Sara is, in theory, only 2 inches taller. Now look at Levi's waist. Now look at mine. He's all legs. Look at the crazy amounts of distance between his shoulders and ours.

This just isn't right.

Also, I'm really sorry that Laine's not in these pictures.

I'm going to do a post about her now.

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