Monday, December 14, 2009

It's fun to do things

I am nearly finished with Christmas shopping. I have two more stores left.

Christmas making, on the other hand....I am not done.

It's kind of nice.

I finished wrapping Christmas and birthday presents Saturday night and felt kind of sad about it.

I still have ribbon left!

Beautiful, shiny, Christmas-y ribbon.

But that's okay. I have some Christmas projects left.

For my friends.

For my sisters.

One or two more baby hats.

I may try this project a few more times for some babies I know.

A project for Cody that I'm not telling you about because I don't want you to tell him and he may not guess it. I can rarely pull off surprises.

And I think I'm going to finally make some stockings for the two of us. Out of granny squares.

You can make nearly everything with granny squares.

Or I'll eventually attempt to do so some day.

I have some knitting with me today, and a couple hours to myself tonight for Cody's project.

It's a great day.

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