Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hello, how are you? I am fine.

Hello, happy Wednesday!

I'm wearing a black dress with brown boots. We're going to pretend that it goes together.

Yes, "we." Pretend with me.

They're my birthday boots, they're brown, they're warm, they're tall, and they were on sale. So I bought them this weekend as an early birthday present for myself.

After much careful deliberation, I called Cody over to pick which pair he disliked the least and this pair won out over the child's version of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman shoes.

I was thisclose to looking like Dr. Quinn! (Medicine Woman. I can't leave that part off. Can't.)

But this pair is warm and comfy and I'm wearing them all week. Even when they don't "go."

It won't be difficult to do tomorrow. I'm taking off work in honor of my birthday, so I won't have to struggle with business casual. Nope, boots and tights and a dress are on the schedule for tomorrow.

Yes, there is a schedule.

I'm entering my late twenties and it's okay for we late twenties people to be responsible, turn in early without explanation or apology, stop caring about which band has the side project with the fundraising album and the European tour of the B sides and whatnot*, bemoan the kids these days, and to have schedules, plans, and dogmatic organization methods.

Fine, this may or may not be a summary of my life up till now. But still. It's becoming more socially acceptable now.

In celebration of my official entrance to the late twenties, I am going to finish up my gifts for family Christmas this weekend, have lunch with my mom, and wear a dress and putter around the house in a creative and productive manner while I do arts and crafts projects that I'm going to talk about right now because they're surprises. Yes. Plural. Surprises.

I'm pretty excited for myself. I have to say it.

I'm also extremely excited for my family's Christmas celebration this weekend. That's right. We got too excited and couldn't wait and now we're having Christmas a week early! And also because my sisters insisted on marrying guys from out-of-state (Iowa? Seriously? Iowa.) and will be spending the holidays with their in laws this year.

So we're going to have Christmas Day and all of the December birthdays in the span of a few short hours. Don't worry, there will be pictures. I'm really excited about having 2 Christmases this year.

I just realized that I have no idea if I'm supposed to be cooking something for any of them. Ahem. On the plus side, the Christmas cards are mailed out, the tree is up, and I'm probably going to keep decorating my house for Christmas until some time in January.

Longer if I can keep Cody from noticing what I'm doing. other news, the woman with the office across from me has this really strong, Christmas-smelling reed diffuser thing in her office. Now my office smells good by association.

My pumpkins are in the windowsill.

I hope you can get by without me tomorrow.

This will either make you hate your home, or really inspire you.

Or you may just be like me and enjoy pretty pictures.

Oh look! Here's one now!
This was our first married Christmas tree in 2006.

Okay, that's all.

*This does not apply to any and all things My Morning Jacket.


Laine said...

You do not have to cook anything for the Christmas at my house. The ham is plenty of a contribution from both you and Cody combined. And apparently Mom and Sara have the ingrediants for green bean casserole, dressing, pumpkin pie, and shoe peg corn just laying around. Impressive.

ps-Mom did have to buy the stuff for dressing, I'm pretty sure. But don't worry, she's the only one approved to make dressing, because her's is the best. Ever. The. End.

Jen said...

But you can't get by without my fruit salad!!! Okay, maybe everyone can. (I can.)

And yes. The. End. Amen.