Monday, December 28, 2009

December 23-24, mostly

Here's one of our First Married Christmas ornaments.
This one is from Cody's mom. That's a wedding portrait in there.
I'm so cheesy.

The Christmas tree.

Christmas Eve: mandatory arts and crafts with Cody's mom.
I love her.
The supplies.
I did not eat one.

I did the tree.
Bless my heart.


Spencer loves me very much and barely contain his excitement about cookie decorating.

Entries included Maggie Simpson, baby Egan, Patrick the starfish, trees, and...

...other things.

Like RuPaul.

And this Science of Sleep fan wearing a new t-shirt.

And this poor, wretched creature.

It was pretty fun.

Casey did Meatwad!

He's obviously thrilled about his creation.
And there's another brother.

And then there's that one back at home.
(My favorite.)
When we went home, we cleaned up for Santa and skipped midnight mass in favor of watching Hellboy II: The Golden Army in pajama pants because it seemed more Christmas-y.

Family values, right there! We and baking and comic book characters. Yeah.

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