Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas day, 2009

My tree, Christmas morning.

I texted my family, called Mamaw, and read this.

Then I woke up Cody so we could exchange gifts.
Now that he has a mortar and pestle, he says he can make pesto!

Yes. Le Creuset.

Then we went to his aunt and uncle's house.
Egan loves Christmas!

Anna brought a "special" Christmas dinner for him.
By "special" I mean "gross."

A little family photo.

Cody's mom and her siblings.
They're all making the same face.

Twins in matching sweaters.
Melts your heart, doesn't it?

Gift bingo!
It was really fun because we played with M&Ms.

Mrs. Dicy's tree.

And this cute little one.
[Not pictured: watching Sherlock Holmes with Cody and Casey. It was fantastic, if you're wondering.]

Us. Christmas evening.

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