Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birthday post for Mom

Today is my mom's birthday. On Friday, when we were in Memphis, Laine and I got excited and gave her our presents early and called it a mini-party. I gave her some books, Laine gave her a CD (part of a present), and Dad gave her jewelry.

Tonight, we'll go out to dinner--Mom, Dad, Sara, Chad, and me.

When we get together for family Christmas in a couple of weeks, we may have another party. You know, just in case.

We like parties. We like Mom. We like celebrating Mom. It's a nice mix.

This is Mom's birthday cake from last year.
She's had a big year.

Mom is very much a mom. You know what I mean? Some people are just extremely parent-like. And since I only know my mom as.....my mom, that's what we're going to talk about today.

Moms like to instruct, to help, to advise. Mom got to do a lot of that this year.

Lucky woman.

Let's get all of the lovely Dallas pictures out of the way first.

She and Dallas had plenty of adventures this year.

She's been teaching Dallas the fine art of chicken-raising.
Did I mention she's started raising laying chickens again?
This is The Very First Egg.

This is Dallas on the first day of third grade.
That's right, Mom's learning super-advanced third grade stuff.

She (and Dad) painted several rooms in the downstairs.
Which means they got to teach Dallas a few things about priming and painting.
So now they have a lovely downstairs.

She even taught Dallas how to prune.
He's really good at it!
So now he enjoys pruning, and she has some great-looking plants.

She also likes us, so I thought I'd talk about us.

So. Me.

Um....I'm myself.
I read books, write this blog, clean things, criticize people, and make stuff.
That's really about it.
That's not too impressive, but she seems happy with me anyway.
Very nice.

Okay, fine, here's a newer picture.
I'm celebrating my anniversary, on my front porch.
Mom and Dad helped clean and paint our new place.
It was a lot of work and now everything is really cute.
And we are very grateful.

Laine ran a marathon this past weekend.
She's been training for months, and Mom's been encouraging her for all those months.
She was so worried for Laine this weekend.
And then Laine ran the race, and she was so proud of her!
We cheered so loudly!

Here is everyone being awkward (and cold--it was 25°!) before the race.
Please notice my beautiful, all-glitter sign.
Mom is wearing her fur coat. I don't have the style (or the preference) for a fur coat. But Mom's always wanted one, and she bought one a while back when a store was going out of business. I like to pet it. Laine wrote to me, "Mom did hug me really tight even though I was sweaty, and she was wearing a fur coat. If that's not love, I don't know what is! You put that in your blog missy!"

So I put that in my blog, missy. Mom told me one time that it's better to be overdressed for an event than not. But she likes hugging. And love. Still, having a fur coat is kind of cool too. But I like that she can dress up just for the sake of looking nice without making a big deal about it.

Sara got a husband this summer, so Mom got a new son-in-law!
She's amassing quite the motley collection.
She helped Sara plan a wedding and reception.
That's not easy.

Sara is herself. All the time.
She's good at bank things.
She's good with people.
She, like Laine the Runner and Levi the Car Guy in N.C., is brave enough to do what she wants.
That's got to make you a little proud.
Or at least keep you entertained.

Speaking of Levi....

Levi is very nearly an adult. He's smart, he's fiscally responsible, and he gives thoughtful gifts and cards. He's a good son--their very best, in fact! Also, he is tall. And he knows how to live with/around women. A rare and important skill.


The more I read through this post, the more I'm convinced that we make a really amazing group.

Well done, Mom! We're smart, talented, funny, interesting, attractive, productive, and really fun (and oh so very modest).

The best part is that we love you very, very, very much!

Happy birthday, Mom. I love you and hope you are having a great birthday.

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