Monday, December 7, 2009

Amazing awkward photos from an amazing awkward night

Good morning!

This weekend, I went to Memphis with my parents to watch Laine run the half marathon in the St. Jude Memphis Marathon.

Laine ran her race in 2 hours, 20 minutes, and 48 seconds!

Then she showered and moved almost all of the furniture in her apartment over to her new house.

She was also able to shower, put on makeup, and form coherent sentences. She did not cry, she did not fall down with scary leg cramps, and she did not quit. Why? Because she's very impressive and amazing.

We are so very proud of her, and I'd love to tell you more about it, but I want to wait until pictures from the weekend are up. They're on Laine's computer and she's a little busy with moving and resting up from the run and being impressive and amazing.

I want you to get the full effect of my amazing glitter sign (which she made me throw away before we got back in her car), our layers, and her shiny medal when I tell you about the weekend.

So for now, I'll shift my focus from one amazing sister to another.


Sara is amazing.

Sara loves Cody and over the last few years they've developed a bizarre dynamic where they alternately antagonize and admire each other. Sara also really likes Cody's family.

And she likes Spencer's band.

I feel like I should mention that Sara can be very enthusiastic about things.

Like how much she likes people.

So when I had a general idea of how dinner last week would go, I should not have been all that surprised when it went, ah.....the way it did.

Which is to say awkwardly, hilariously, and exactly as I had figured/feared.

You see, Sara made a shirt for a Science of Sleep show this spring and wasn't able to attend.

But that's okay! She made a special trip by my parents' house to dig it out and wear it to dinner last week!

And brought her camera!

And made me take pictures of her!

I don't know why I thought she would ever back out of this.

Spencer seems to like Sara.
And t-shirts.
But he does not like picture-taking.
This is his picture face.

This is probably the best picture in the world.
The back reads "I ♥ Spencer."
The heart is rhinestones.

Then Sara made me take a second picture of the front of her shirt because she didn't like how she looked in the first one.
You notice how Spencer's smile is almost visible in this one?
That's because this little photo shoot grew increasingly hilarious.

Proof of increasing hilarity and absurdity:
She found out a waiter, Adam, was also in the band and made him be in the picture as well.
She's cracking herself up here.

(Also, look at Spencer not touching Sara. He's done.)

But Sara was not done.
Here she is with their cousin, Lainey, who was our waitress.

Oh, this one has to be my favorite.
By the way, this is what Cody looks like at work.

I know what you're thinking. And yes, I do realize I'm a very blessed woman. My husband is super cute in an apron, sometimes brings home food, and was the least-alarmed by Sara's antics.

I know it looks like it took just a little while to take these few pictures, but we had to take some time for Sara to make people stand where she wanted and for me to stop laughing at the spectacle of Sara acting like herself and people reacting with surprise and confusion.

Because I laughed a lot.

Immediately after this picture, Cody made us stop pictures because he said it was unprofessional (there weren't many people witnessing this, but I think Cody just wanted it to stop).

Sara then sincerely (?) apologized for being unprofessional.

In case you're wondering, Chad remained seated the entire time and ate his fries.


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R. Short said...

I can't believe that Chad just sat there through the entire ordeal. Truly, a man of steel!