Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Happy news: I saw my parents last night!

As much as I loved having our family Christmas a week early, and then having all of Christmas Day with Cody's family....I'm not doing that again. Mild meltdowns and loneliness aside, it was great. But I have to see the people on the actual day. It's official.

So I was delighted to hear from my mom when she asked if we wanted to come over for pizza.

And for Cody to help Dad with a little project.

Just a little hauling a treadmill into the house, up a flight of stairs, and then building it.

You know, nothing major.

Especially if you've spent 87 hours driving in the past few days and you have a messed-up shoulder and you're....um.....[whispers] old.

Fine. Dad's not old. But he's not as young as Cody.

He may be stronger than Cody, and Cody's fairly certain that Dad would take him in a fight (I confirmed this), but still. What could it hurt to have my strong and talented and lovely husband help out with some heavy lifting?

My parents were especially happy to discover that Cody already has a vast amount of treadmill-assembling experience.

This was his fourth one!

It was a nice night. Naturally, I documented the special experience.

I wanted to try on this dress, but I outgrew it a while back.* Mamaw made this for my 7th or 8th birthday. How great is this?!?! It was one of my favorites for 3 or 4 years. I take my time outgrowing clothes.

Oh, and here's the wedding photo that lives in the china cabinet.
My parents are so pretty.
And young.

But of course I had to take a picture of Mo.
He was thrilled to oblige.

After much struggling and exhaustion (but not as much as I expected), it was completed!

And Mom checked it out. Because the treadmill is for both of my parents, but it's especially for Mom because she doesn't want to take her asthmatic self outside for exercise but she needs to exercise because her cholesterol is reaching unprecedented heights of 7,000 or something.

And aerobics.....just no.

We don't believe in aerobics in this family. No.

Walking (and, for some of us, apparently running) is perfectly acceptable.

Once they had it put together, they felt like experts.

PS: the treadmill lives in Sara's old room.

Look at how fancy this is!
I don't know what's happening on the screen.
The screen itself may repair ligaments and lower cholesterol.
Technology freaks me out a little.
I clearly don't understand.

Genius and mother.
Being serious.
Thinking about fitness.

This is posed, but I love it.
I said, "Mom, look at Dad with love and appreciation for his hard work."
And then she did.
Press the button.
Save the lovely moment.
A very good night.

Until I used the word "edifying" and Cody thought it would be fun to say he didn't know what it meant and then I wanted to divorce him because clearly the past 6 years had been nothing but bad decisions.

And to think that when I first wrote to Mamaw about him I literally used the phrase "well-read" to describe him!

Then he said he probably couldn't even spell "edifying" and I considered both divorce and suicide.

I can only be pushed so far.

He later revealed that he was just joking.

The man is many wonderful things, but sometimes funny isn't one of them.

At least he can build me a treadmill.

But he said he would never move one upstairs for me.

*I do, however, still fit into this Brownie uniform in the hall closet that we have even though my sisters and I were never in Girl Scouts. I took it home with me! Be excited. There will be pictures.

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