Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend thankfulness

I have a lot of reasons to be thankful, especially after this weekend.

I'm thankful that Mom let me use her washer and dryer for 10 straight hours, and fed me, and talked with me, and laughed at my mood swings, and let me dig up some of her bulbs (which I then left at her house!), and let me leave some of my clothes at her house.

I'm thankful that Dad is going to 'fix' our shoes.

I'm thankful that my nice husband drove out after a full day of work so that he could carry my loads of clothes back to his car.

I know it's terrible, but I'm kind of thankful that Karen wasn't feeling well and let us play with Dallas the entire day.

After a lifetime of searching, I'm thankful that my mom has finally found someone who loves pruning her flowers, bushes, and even trees.

I'm thankful for games.
I'm thankful for fun, and buddies, and sidewalk chalk.
Even though I'll never, ever, ever move back to the country, I'm thankful that my parents raised us with plenty of room to grow and explore and enjoy the outdoors.

I'm thankful that Dallas has an inquisitive mind and a love of doing things.
I'm thankful that sometimes we have adventures together. (I'm holding a fern frond and an acorn to take back to Gail. We later also gathered up a really big oak leaf and a walnut shell.)
I'm thankful for nature and beautiful temperatures and God's creation.
As many problems as our little rent place has, I'm thankful for our home.

And my amazing decorating skills.

I'm thankful for a lovely Sunday brunch.
I'm thankful that at least one of us got a good night's sleep last night.

You could probably figure this out, but I'm also thankful that Mom loaned me her digital camera. My week will be well-documented.

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