Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Still thankful

That's right. I'm drinking too much Mountain Dew and listening to Nickelback. I am officially surly. It's just been one of those months.

Ants attacked. Cody's car broke down and was exposed as an absolute dud. I keep feeling sick. Some strange fat man keeps rolling into the middle of the bed and he elbows me in the back every night. We took on more debt after buying a new car. We have mold in the walls.

Some people cope with prayer. Starbucks. Reading the Bible. Spending time with family. Going for walks. Fighting with a spouse. Impulse shopping. These are all great things.

That's why I did all of those things in a twenty-four-hour period and rounded it out with drinking too much Mt. Dew and listening to Nickelback.

Unrelated thought: if you need a song to play when you light your unity candle or do the unity sand or whatever at your wedding, Nickelback's "Never Gonna Be Alone" would be perfect.

You're welcome.

Sometimes I like to think I've moved past the lowbrow rhyming couplets and post-grunge chords. But I haven't. I'm a redneck. We drink our Mt. Dew and eat gas station chicken and listen to Nickelback.

In the middle of a mock-fight that was turning into a real argument this weekend I even yelled at Cody, "Hayyy! Now listen, Cody Lee Roy. I am tahred and mah accent is thick. So you just hush!" I waved my finger at him wildly as I gave this speech and then stalked off while he chuckled.

Which brings me to the things for which I am thankful.

I am thankful to have an easy-going husband for when things get stressful and I react strongly.

I am thankful that Cody can generally understand what I'm saying when I am tired and my accent is thick.

I am thankful for faith, hope, love, the Bible, Starbucks, family, The Container Store, gas station fried chicken, Mt. Dew, and Nickelback.

I am thankful to have these lovely little pumpkins to brighten my desk.

I am thankful for my new favorite shirt, which cost $3 at an OshKosh outlet store in Florida. It's cute, it's happy, and it's a pleasant reminder of my vacation.
I am thankful that I was able to take this:
and turn it into this:
What? You thought I was going to put my newly washed clothes back in the Closet O' Mold? You're funny. No. I bought this, and assembled it, and Cody moved my air filter, and viola! All of our hang-up clothes (the ones that aren't at Mom and Dad's) are away from an outside wall.

I felt very handy. I did it using only my hands and these tools:
And I'm thankful (again) that I've got Mom's camera and that she has pictures of Jack's wedding so that I can tell you that these two in this picture right here:
are now the parents of Avi Rose!

You can't help but be thankful for babies and happy parents (and hope she doesn't dislike Laine).

And pumpkins.

It's fall and I'm thankful for pumpkins.

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