Monday, November 2, 2009

It's a post about the weekend!


I feel like I'm still decompressing from my supergreat weekend.

That may just be sinus pressure.


On Saturday, I went to meet Laine's house and do some serious cleaning.

I loved Laine's house and did some serious cleaning.

We took pictures.

Laine then uploaded the pictures to her computer and.....

there they sit.

She said she'd email them tonight.

So you just have to wait to for pictures and stories of our fantastic cleaning adventure.

For now, just content yourself knowing that we had a great time, made some real progress, and that I came home with these:

These were in the kitchen, and matched the orange and yellow linoleum and dark wood cabinets and sunburst countertops perfectly. But because Laine inexplicably wants to change all of those things, the fabulous, super kitcheny curtains would just be out of place.

But that's okay.

I, the heroic/somewhat tacky/very 'garage sale look'-loving big sister, graciously took these off her hands.

Actually, I demanded them as soon as she emailed me a picture.

Check out that detailing.
Oh yes.

These bad boys are going up in my kitchen and dining room. Start working on your enthusiastic face now--the next time you come over, I will definitely be showing them off to you with great pride.

So. Sunday.

On Sunday evening, we went to Sara and Chad's house and had some nice burgers and potatoes and visited with them, and Mom and Dad, and Sara and Chad's puppy. Her name is Zoe. She has the perfect puppy face and eyes. So cute.


Before that, we had a little afternoon party for All Saints' Day.

Naturally, I completely forgot about picture-taking.

Naturally, Alana did not.

She's a good friend and left her sick husband at home to observe All Saints' Day with her friends and contribute to the potluck.

I am repaying her good friendship qualities by stealing a couple of her lovely pictures.

This is the light in the dining room.
Happy fall!

And here's a bowl of Jarritos, the prettiest drinks ever.
And Alana's cornbread muffins.

Not pictured: vegetable stew, cookies, whipped cream, ice cream, pumpkin pie, sausage balls, and Halloween candy.

In case you're wondering, yes. Yes, we did feel a little sick when it was all over.

We still managed to have a good time.

This is me with Ben, who was very polite to all the crazy people wanting to play with him, and we are having a good time.

Ben is very cute. And very tall, as you can see.

His interests include slobbering, blowing raspberries, crawling, checking stuff out, laughing, and chewing on my coffee table.

PS: people were happy to meet the new coffee table.

Discussion included: music, Halloween stories, costumes, Christmas parties, cooking, babies, wedding planning, illness, and shoes.

It was a lovely time.

Tomorrow: pictures of cleaning. I will include recipes for cleaning solutions. Be excited.

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Alana said...

I am so excited about the next time I visit your house and your new, super-kitcheny curtains!

The party was lovely and Travis sure did enjoy Cody's homemade soup!