Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy list, 3

Time for another list of things that give me joy

  • It's pretty quiet around here
  • I'm working on a knitting project that makes me happy. I can try to attempt new things every now and then, but if it doesn't relax me or make me happy, it's not going to go well. But new needles and lovely yarn are a beautiful thing
  • This post
  • The phrase "a riot of color"--do you remember where that came from? I don't want to google it. I'd rather wonder
  • My mom just sent a text letting me know she discovered a picture of the bride from a wedding we went to last month on her camera. Thank goodness
  • Seagulls on a Sunday morning (from the beach vacation a while back)
  • My own pictures. I have to be honest, sometimes I read my blog or go through my photos for my own entertainment. I have fantastic adventures
  • Library sale this weekend
  • Links
  • Coupons for free stuff. I picked up some Cheerios and store-brand coffee for free last night
  • Clean laundry
  • Pictures
  • Pumpkins
  • The weekend

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