Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good day

I am thankful that Dad buys me Starbucks, helps me deal with men, and wears a cowboy hat.
I am also thankful that he is smoking brisket tomorrow night for Thanksgiving supper.

I am thankful that Mom never pierced my ears when I was a baby.
Is that weird? Because I don't want pierced ears, and I was thinking about that this morning.
(Also, I'm thankful for Erin Ann. Hi Erin! We love you.)
And thank you for hating the same vegetables I do and making the dressing.

I am thankful for Laine's emails, the way we can take turns being the oldest, and her hair.
Her hair makes me happy.
I am thankful to Grandmother for her pies, trips to Fred's, and word finds.

I am thankful that Robert loves home decorating.
I also like his mock-serious face and the fact that he likes Laine better when she's off Adderall.

I am thankful that Sara is hosting Thanksgiving supper at her house this year.
Very impressive.
I am thankful that Chad enjoys being a part of our family, and that he's funny.
And that he seems to remain impressed with Sara.

I am thankful for Levi, just in general.
He's probably the coolest brother ever, and I'm very thankful that we'll be eating chicken strips together in a few short hours.

I am thankful that I get along well with my mother-in-law.
I really like her and she's a lovely lady.
Other people are jealous that I have her as a mother-in-law.
Sorry, but I find that really gratifying.

I am thankful that Casey answers my invasive questions.
Usually with a straight face.

I am thankful Spencer puts up with my Internet harassment and the past 5 years' worth of clumsy jokes about drug use.
I am also thankful his Amish beard is gone.....for now.

I am thankful that Dallas is one of the coolest people we know.
He's priming baseboards for my parents here.
I'm really thankful they get to have so much Dallas in their lives.

I am thankful the sun is shining.

I am thankful I am going to see a crazy amount of family tomorrow.

I am thankful that we're leaving work early today.

I am thankful that you read this. Is that cheesy? Yes? Okay. I am thankful you read this and tell me in real life that you liked it. I appreciate comments and 'Like's on facebook. You brighten my workday, make me feel funny and/or interesting, and I enjoy hearing from you.

And lastly, I am thankful for my lovely husband and the fantastic gift he gave me last night:

The entire bed to myself.

He slept on the couch and I slept through the night almost completely uninterrupted.

It's a great day.

(And no, he does not know that I took this picture.)

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