Friday, November 13, 2009

Come on, get happy

Today is Friday. So it's Happy List time!

I know you're very excited about happy news and pretty pictures.

1. Today is Friday, day of hopeful possibilities and relief.
2. I played around with Grandmother's sewing machine this week and got the hang of it. Arts and crafts are going to happen. Actually, some already have:
I used the machine to make some fabric pumpkins. Mine don't really look like this picture at all, but I love these. So when I read about how to do it in last month's Martha Stewart Living, I tried it. I'll post about it sometime, though.
3. On Wednesday, I was off work. So I slept in a little, dressed up cute, received some exciting allergy news, made a trip to Hobby Lobby, took pictures of fall leaves, walked down town, checked some movies out of the library, embroidered and sewed a little pillow, made 3 little pumpkins (I altered Martha's instructions--watch out!), watched movies, and finished knitting a scarf. Trust me, I was as smug all day as I seem right now.
4. And then yesterday, I got a letter from this nice lady! I love letters. And Mamaw.
5. I discovered this morning that the Pioneer Woman thinks Arkansans are cool.
6. I'm going to try to re-organize our paperwork (I haven't tried since before we moved. Ahem), bake something, switch out the warm weather clothing for the flannels and unflattering work sweaters, and spend some time with the library.
7. And it will be with this nice man.
Very nice indeed. He might even make coffee.
8. Glitter.
9. I put several interesting library books back in the pile. I'm not going to finish them, so I'm not hanging on to them.
10. The same goes for the really cool granny square slippers. I was really excited about trying that project.....until I tried it. Wow. It was difficult, un-fun, and the outcome was not cute. Once I stopped stressing about trying to do something I didn't enjoy, I went back to having a blast with scarves. Patterns are beyond me, and is apparently just here to brighten my day with its pretty inspiration. You know, kind of like people do with cooking shows.
11. Baby hat season is quickly approaching. I am ready.
12. This picture once more:
just because it's lovely.

I hope you have a lovely November weekend!

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