Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cleaning with Laine and Jen

You may not believe this, but Laine and I used to clean houses for extra money.

Okay, you would believe it for me. But yes, Laine did it as well.

She hates cleaning and usually threatens to vomit when something is particularly nasty and difficult to clean.

But she likes cleanliness and is determined to clean her new house up right.

So she obviously did the smartest thing you can do in a situation like this and called me to come help.

She also found some recipes for cleaning with vinegar, but we didn't get to use them because she couldn't find any ammonia.*

I was a little relieved because I cannot stand that smell. Straight vinegar, on the other hand, is fine.

But, if you want some fantastic and simple cleaning solutions, check out the Queen of Clean. She has a great list of the 5 absolutely essential products you need to clean things. I love her.

So. This was our adventure.

Imitate at your own discretion.

Drag all of the cleaning products out.

Allllll of them.

Get out your Martha Stewart checklists out for reference.
Do a quick Carol Burnett Show spoof.
No kidding, I wore this dress just so I could take this picture.
Then take down those curtains and throw them away.
Sweep the walls.
Discover yet another great use for vinegar.
We needed lots of fresh air.
We used Murphy's Wood Soap to wash the baseboards.
Then we put solutions of half water and half vinegar in spray bottles to clean the walls.

Important: keep your wood soap rags in the wood soap bucket.
Wash your hands and get new rags to clean the walls.
You do not want to smear that wood soap oil onto.....whatever you use to make walls.

Take a break!
Laine's neighbor, Vivian, came over with lunch for us!
Vivian is a lovely person.

But wait!
There's more!

Laine's real estate agent brought us cupcakes!

We basked in the beauty of a clean living room and ate.

Back to work!
I'm including this unflattering photo to remind you of something important:
the humble step stool.
Very handy for some of us.

You can't tell, but the dining room walls were really gross.
On the plus side, my sister has a house with wainscoting.

Oh, and a chandelier (she's going to paint it!).
We had to wash the walls twice, but it turned out pretty well.
Um, then we took another break.
Not pictured: pumpkin spice lattes.

The den floor will need to be mopped several times.

But it still looked better after the first washing!

Laine had originally wanted to clean the living room, the dining room, and the bathroom.

BUT: she couldn't open the window in the bathroom. The idea of the two of us trapped in a small room with large amounts of harsh chemicals didn't sound like a great idea. So I swept and mopped the den while she sprayed a whole stinking lot of tile cleaner in the bathroom.

So. We cleaned 2.5 rooms, did a little shopping, a lot of catching up and laughing, and I was the first person to use the garage for a spray-painting project. In the process, Laine met a couple of neighbors and we rid the house of many ugly curtains and drapes.

All in all, it was a very good day.

*Ammonia is usually with the cleaning supplies, or inexplicably near the laundry area of the store. Check the lower shelves.

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