Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blogging about bloggers

I met the Pioneer Woman last night.

Yes, that Pioneer Woman.

With the Marlboro Man, and the 4 kids, and the dogs, and the homeschooling, and the ranch with cattle and horses and family and whatnot.

And her only visit to Arkansas to sign copies of her cookbook was at......Wal-Mart.

Welcome to Arkansas! Please check out our Wal-Mart and stay in a hotel just off the interstate.

There are large bookstores and nice hotels in Arkansas, but no. The Pioneer Woman did not get to see that, and will not be blogging about it the way she did with Colorado and Utah and Arizona and other places.

But I will say this:
  1. At least it was the 'nice' Supercenter on Cantrell, and
  2. At least Wal-Marts have lots of parking
Because, oh my goodness, there were tons of people.


The line went from the front of the store to the back and then curved around and she apparently signed books and took pictures for about 5 hours straight.

I only had to wait 2 hours.

I've decided to gloss over my awkwardness that evening, so I'll just share this:

Marlboro Man was there.

Oh wow.

Oh man.

Yes, he is real.

He is real, and quite handsome, and photogenic, and gracious.

He also worked his way down the line and chatted with people who were waiting.

He signed books, took pictures, and made small talk with toddlers.

I realize that for stuff like this, it's practically his job to be so charming but he was really good at it.

There's a very good chance that he's as great as he seems in the blog.


And then! I finally got up there and realized I hadn't even asked the woman behind me if she'd be comfortable taking a picture with my camera.

People hate my camera.

So, the Pioneer Woman (I know she and her husband have real names, but I'm not going to use them. It's crazy enough that the people in the computer are real at all!) signs my copies and tells me now I can go home and get to bed (I'm assuming it had something to do with my looking like a pile of tired trash) and I ask the woman behind me if she could take a picture.

I'm going to have to stop starting off with the phrase, "I promise, this isn't scary." It apparently gets people's defenses up.

I told her what to do, "Look through here, press this button lightly, when it focuses press it down all the way, etc." and she yelled "Oh God!" most of the time.

Had God been there, I definitely would have picked him over her to use the camera.

Especially since I didn't have a strap on it.

"How do I make it zoom in and out?"

"That would be the lens..."

"Oh God, no! Y'all, just scoot in closer together. I'm sorry y'all."

So I stooped down and gave a thumbs-up.

The Pioneer Woman did too.


After exclaiming, "Oh y'all, I'm sorry!" a few more times, she took the picture and I was done!

In conclusion:

  • I have had my first encounter with a superfamous blogger
  • I'm pretty sure I look like a moron in my picture
  • I know for sure I'm sweating in it
  • And we're nervously laughing about whether or not Woman Who Calls Upon the Lord will be able to pull off the scary camera feat of using my camera to take a picture
  • According to PW's twitter, a pregnant girl went into labor at the book signing
  • Pictures
  • Cookbook
  • Blogs

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