Wednesday, November 18, 2009

At least there are pumpkins

It's cloudy.

It's cold.

My house is trashed.

Everything is dirty.

I'm out of dishtowels.

I'm going to the laundromat.

I have intense dislike for the laundromat.

My stomach is growling.

I'm filling it up with coffee.

That doesn't seem to help.

I'm tired.

It's asthma/self-pity season.

My husband cooks with cheese and won't rinse it off of things immediately, leaving me with congealed cheese.

I looked at the dirty dishes last night, started crying, and went to the couch.

I had already swept the house.

I'm not supposed to be kicking up dust.

Cody had tracked in dirt everywhere.

He doesn't remember doing it, so he isn't sorry.

I told him he owed me flowers, and he didn't bring me any.

I threw away half of my shoes last night because my damp closet is up against an outside wall and the other half of the house is unheated.





Fuzzy mold.

I called my mother in tears because most of my shoes molded.

Some can be saved.

I am trekking out to the farm this weekend so I can mooch off my mother's really nice washer and dryer while my dad washes my shoes and polishes them with whatever he uses to polish shoes.

No, not just shoe polish.

It has something to do with saddle leather.

Only one pair of Cody's shoes will need to be cleaned.

There are apparently benefits to leaving your shoes out everywhere (aside from tripping me).

Like they won't mold in the closet.

I didn't even realize this would be a problem.

I would muster the effort to say "We're not dirty people," but we are. We are covered in dirt and dust and mold and congealed cheese.

I am also a little certain that Cody set something on fire on the stovetop.

I've already washed down the walls and floors once.

Some of my shoes are all cleaned up already.

There is just a lot left.

I'm tired.

I'm sick.

I'm cranky.

I accidentally wore pants on Duggar Day!

Dirty dishes and heavy loads of towels and jeans are filling up my evening (they can't wait until this weekend).

I'm weak.

So, before this depression goes on for much longer let me leave you with some positive things.
  1. I am wearing a cardigan. I look very serious and 'together' in it because it is black.
  2. I found a (very detailed) tutorial for the pumpkins featured on page 183 of the November issue of Martha Stewart Living. I wish I could show you a picture of some of mine. But I don't have a digital camera for instant Internet gratification (no! Stay positive!). Then I could show you how I knitted the stems of the pumpkins instead of sewing them. I mostly did that because I love the yarn I used. Just check out this link, though. Her pictures are lovely.
  3. I am about to enjoy my third cup of coffee. Everything gets better with the third cup of coffee.

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