Thursday, November 19, 2009

At least there are flowers?


I went home yesterday, still enjoying my second bottle of Mt. Dew for the day. I checked the walls of the closet, which weren't great. But: they also weren't as bad as the night before.


I washed the walls down again and gathered up some clothes for the laundromat.

I even found a pair of jeans I'd lost (the nicest pair I have! Fine, it's a very relative term). They weren't just under the bed. They were under the bed and wedged behind several items. I'm just glad I found them. It's a small house with few areas for clothing to get lost. I thought I was losing my mind.

You may have noticed. Ahem.

Anywayyyy, I went to the laundromat and washed 3 loads of pajama pants, towels, Cody's smelly work clothes, and one of his caps. This cap, actually.

Fine, you can't see the cap. Sara brought it home from work. A co-worker had it and didn't need it and asked Sara if she knew any little boys who might want it.

You can't tell in this picture, but the Spiderman logo is on it.

Sara immediately thought of Cody and made his day. Look at how happy he is about it!

Cody's not really a hat guy, but he wears caps at the restaurant. He can't run around in the kitchen all willy-nilly and make cheeseburgers and pie and whatnot with his hair flying all over the place.

Spencer wears bandanas. Cody wears caps. Food is safe.

Unfortunately, this fabulous Spiderman cap happened to be in the closet during the middle of my Great Mold Meltdown and I couldn't tell if it was covered in flour or mold. It smelled like a vat of cooking grease either way, so I decided to wash it.

Anyway, I sat and read while the clothes were washing. I switched the clothes over to dryers at the appropriate time. I continued reading. I actually kept feeding quarters into the machine because 1) I'm not bringing slightly damp towels into our little corner of moldy hell and 2) I wanted to finish my book.

Mostly #2.

I finished my book. I pulled out the pajama pants and towels and Cody's dingy work clothes and .....


uh, his cap.

Now. You can wash a baseball cap and have it turn out relatively okay. It will come out a little different and misshapen but wearing it for a little while should straighten it out just fine.

Drying, on the other hand, is completely foreign territory to me. Based on what I saw last night, people tell you to air dry caps for a reason.

It's just a little warped and shrivelled and, ultimately, ruined.

Oh dear.

It's not his only cap, but this was not quite part of the plan. I don't like laundry mishaps.

Sidenote: you know how yesterday I said that I told Cody on Tuesday he should bring me flowers and he didn't and he said he didn't know what I was talking about, etc.? Awkward story: I wrote the text and never sent it. No wonder he was confused.

I decided to be nice and buy him some apology flowers. I could write a whole separate post about how I love buying those cheap grocery store boquets and dividing them up to make pretty arrangements. Because when I went home, that's what I did.

And then Cody came home and still hadn't brought me flowers after I actually sent him the text, so I decided to keep them for myself. Since we live in the same house, it really doesn't matter.

He assured me that all of his caps are covered in flour or that stuff you bread catfish with or something.

I think he just wants me to leave them alone.

Especially since I killed that Spiderman cap. It is utterly destroyed.

He looked at it and declared that it was completely fine. But since he couldn't actually make it fit on his head, I think he was just trying to be polite.

Goodbye, poor Spiderman cap. We will remember you fondly and treasure this picture forever.
Mostly because this picture is fantastic.

In conclusion, be careful about washing baseball caps.

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