Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vinegar and Courtship

So. I don't know why I keep thinking about Halloween. But I do.

At first, I didn't have any exciting plans.

But now I do.

I'm helping Laine clean her new house!

PS: Laine and Robert are homeowners. Isn't that exciting?!

When she asked me yesterday, I didn't think I'd want to come and help her with the gritty, move-in cleaning stuff. But later in the evening, as I was vacuuming the walls by the ceilings in our house, I realized I was totally born to do stuff like this.

I mean, I've been meaning to do that to my walls since June. But I never got the chance because of Cody moving the moving schedule up, the one-car thing, me basically deciding I didn't actually want to live in the house, etc.

But it only took about 15 minutes and I could tell the difference when I was through.

My house has been looking pretty great these days.

I'm nesting.

I'm finally settling into this house and it's getting pretty cute and I want to have things how I want them when the cold weather takes over.

And now, here was my chance to help my sister.

I mean, they bought this house. They're planning to live there for a long time. We're having Christmas there.

Plus, the previous owners died.

Fine, they didn't die in the house. But I wanted to mention that point because I felt it was interesting.

I want it to be nice.

And I know I'd do a great job.

Once it was decided that I could help, the rest of this morning was an excited flurry of plan-making emails. We both love plans. And emailing. I've already printed off check-off lists from

She jokingly asked if she should buy vinegar.

Okay, I was a little crestfallen with that. Cody had picked up another gallon of vinegar earlier in the week and I was already pretty excited about including it amongst the other cleaning supplies on the mental list I was making.

Yes, I was going to combine our cleaning supply forces.

Okay, I'm probably still going to bring the vinegar.

I'm actually really excited.

I'll be the first person in our family to get to 'meet' Laine's house.

And I love cleaning.

Sometimes I do stuff and people throw out the whole "oh, you can come clean my house if you want to" line.

No. I don't want to.

I don't want to have to work around your furniture and junk mail and hear you talk about the projects you intended to start and then you would have done x, y, z.......

More importantly, you don't want me to.

You don't want to see the look of judgment that sometimes surfaces (it's fading with time. Usually).

You don't like my methodology.

My mother can back me up on this.

  • Jen's style: Throw away this outdated catalog! Who cares if you like this model's haircut and might remember to take it with you to your next hair appointment?!

  • Mom's style: Sweetie, please don't put that W-2 form with the burn trash.

It's a delicate balance.

But Saturday is going to be all about storming into bare rooms and ridding them of their grime and disuse.

I love storming and cleaning.

BUT: if I was going to celebrate Halloween beyond setting a bowl of candy on the front porch, I already had a costume in mind.

A few months ago, some friends discussed the possibility of a suspenders and jumpers party for a birthday. When the birthday got a little closer, we decided to just go with the theme of 'birthday' instead.

But an idea was forming....

I could go as a homeschooler!

I wasn't going to wear a jumper, but I was going to have a long skirt and my hair plainly pulled back. Then, in an attempt to kind of make the long skirt look seem a little 'cooler,' I would top it off with a t-shirt that read "I ♥ Courtship."


The heart would be an iron-on applique of this picture:

How priceless would that be?!?!?!


For the uninitiated (bless your heart), this is from the cover of the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye.

I wish you could see my dad's copy of this. He highlighted and underlined that thing like he was going to write a dissertation on it.

Basically, courtship works like this (or this is at least how I tried to explain it to Cody's brothers while we were watching the Duggars' wedding special):

You, the young man, know a girl who seems like she will be a good wife. You approach her father and request his permission to get to know his daughter better in a supervised setting. If he gives his blessing, you'll spend more time with her and her family and see if she will be a good wife and mother and is a godly young woman. Then you get married.

This was Dad's rule when I was in high school.

Translation: basically, courtship is some big scam to keep all boys away from your daughter forever because very few, if any, guys are going to do this.

Especially if the dad is Dad.

Dad knew what he was doing.

Which is why, between the cleaning jokes and the courtship references, he and Mom will probably enjoy this post.

There's a pretty good chance they'll be the only ones.

Okay fine, I cracked myself up too.

I may just make that t-shirt for fun.


Laine said...

You thought I was kidding about the vinegar? I was being serious! I was really asking, in all seriousness, if I should pick up some vinegar! I had no idea that you thought I was kidding! Ha. I was going to buy some anyways, to make a wall-cleaning mixture. Psh, we have communication issues.

Jen said...

It's so hard to convey tone in email! I'll bring mine and you can bring yours. We can never have too much vinegar.