Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vacation, Day 3

Day 1.
Day 2.

Sunday morning was a big day, and I remembered to take my camera everywhere.

Once again, we went to the beach.
The birds seemed to think we were wearing out our welcome.
They stared menacingly.

Another view from my towel.

Then we went to Fort Walton because it had a cute downtown.
Look at the Spanish moss!

We went to a lovely little coffee shop.
I just had some chai tea.
Jessi and Brook went wild and did something with Coke and espresso.
It was called a Mocha Cola.

And you could go out the back door of the store to this little place!
And it was lovely.
And we had a lovely time.
And Jeff took my picture in front of this enormous bottle of Coke.
And then I took this lovely picture of this lovely couple on a swing.

One more of the strange tree limbs in Florida.

Before dinner that night, we went back to the beach for pictures.

So here I am.

And here they are.

And this is our condo.

And this is the green water.
I seriously love the ocean.

It's me.
On a beach.
At sunset.


More beach at sunset.


Car B.
When we checked in, the security woman looked in the car and said,
"So two adults and two teens?"
Our dynamic: Jeff (the dad) and Bryan (the son) fight and Jessi (the mom) tries to stop them and keep peace in the family. I am ignored and resent everyone.
We had some great mock fights in the car.

Car A was a little more pleasant and civil.

Isn't this pretty?

After we ate supper at some restaurant right on the beach (I had cheese sticks!), we went by The Donut Hole and bought pie.

I got cherry pie, and saved it for breakfast.

I love pie for breakfast.

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