Monday, October 26, 2009

This, that, the other, and home decor.

I woke up in the middle of the night from some scary nightmare about a watching a movie about some little boy psychopath who became a violent psychopath after being locked in a cell in an asylum with his deeply disturbed twin brother, who suffered from developmental delays, moaned constantly, and had to wear a plaster mask.

I jerked myself awake and saw this:

Only it was dark, the tape was especially reflective, and I got the full effect of both crosses on my husband's face.

It's just something he does sometimes.

Also, he breathes with his mouth open in his sleep.

Everything about Cody is a shock to my system.


I was at the farmer's market, buying extra sweet potatoes for my sleeping husband (because I'm such a nice girl). I was behind this woman and her two sons, who were taking 90 million years to deliberate over what sweet potatoes were, what they could do with them, and which ones they wanted to buy.

So when my phone rang, I went ahead and answered it because it was my dad.

"Hey kid, what are you up to?"
"I am buying sweet potatoes right at this very second. How are you?"
"Well, I have exciting news. I was at a meeting down in Texas this past week and they were talking about E. coli being such a problem with feedlots and some packing houses have started spraying down the carcasses and it's really cut down a lot of germs. Guess what they're spraying the meat with?"
"Aww, I was going to surprise you with something you didn't know about vinegar!"
"But I'm such a good guesser!"

The answer is always "vinegar."

Vinegar is so great. That's probably why we're out of it right now.


Cody and I were going to Target yesterday (I had intended to buy vinegar, but forgot) and I thought I saw a coffee table on a curb.

I mentioned this to Cody.

Miraculously, he asked if I wanted to go back and immediately get it.

But of course!

So we turned on a side street.

And drove around forever.

And then we got on the street.

Nope, wrong one.

Then another.

Whoops, not this one.

Then, the right one!

Then I yelled "Ta da!" and Cody was startled.

After Cody felt obligated to ask the people in the house if they had actually set out the coffee table for the trash collectors, and we tried to fit it in the back seat, and then we tried to put it in the trunk, and then we had to fold down the back seat and I had to pull a lot of junk into the floorboard of the car, then we fit the coffee table in the car.

I want to sand it and paint it.

For now, I just have a bud vase of flowers and some coasters on it.

It's coffee table book time!


Almost immediately after loading the coffee table into the car, I received a picture text of Mom balancing Sara's puppy, Zoe, on top of her dog, Mozart.

It was possibly the greatest five-minute period in my life.


Cody doesn't get excited walking through Home Depot.

I don't understand.

My family doesn't understand.

His mother doesn't understand.

The whole store smells like lumber and possibilities.


I re-did my banner of fall photos in the living room.

I want to string more decorative leaves around the living room, dining room, and front porch, and then leave the house decorated for fall all the way through November.

The newest issue of Martha Stewart Living came in a couple of weeks ago, and there were all of these neat ideas for spray painting dried gourds, and making really easy decorative pumpkins (why does no one make pumpkin pin cushions?! They would be so cute!), and assembling wreaths covered in sweet gum thingies.

This may be the best fall ever.


Speaking of photo banners, this is in my dining room:

I sewed them to ribbon and hanged it next to Cody's signed Bill Mallonee poster.

I'd like to do one for Cody's family.....just as soon as I get some acceptable pictures of everybody.

I'm working on it.

This one won't make the cut, though.


AlanaT said...

I can't wait to meet your "new" coffee table! Also, I love the conversations you have with your dad! Cheers for the multi-talented vinegar!

hungeryjack said...

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