Thursday, October 1, 2009

Superfantastic pictures

Here are some pictures from September. I finally got around to developing some film and was completely delighted in how things look. It's a super heartwarming roll of film even though I didn't remember to take pictures when we had friends over for Labor Day. Oh well.

Here we go.

The basket of food for August.
I carried this home myself.

This is my dark living room.

This is my china cabinet.
Technically, I guess it's Cody's.
His grandpa made this.

The kitchen on a Saturday.
Please note the beautiful green cabinets.

I love the dining room.

Our tomato plant's first attempt at blooms.

One time, Cody and I made a great salad.
It had greens, squash, blueberries, mushrooms, and croutons.
Cody made a vinaigrette.

We celebrated our third wedding anniversary with
Starbucks and some time on the front porch.

We also celebrated by being more good-looking than usual.

I have to say it:
I find myself incredibly hot in this picture.

We went to Vino's.
Hirsute brothers who hate my flash are adorable.

Cody, a wrist stamp, just hanging around.

It's Cody with a baby!
Killing me!
This is his little cousin, Egan.

Egan was a pretty happy guy that morning,
and he was fascinated by Cody's beard.
Apparently the light on the camera was even more fascinating.

  • local produce
  • beautiful home
  • container gardening success
  • healthful and delicious food
  • marriage
  • brothers
  • babies.
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