Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jack's Wedding

Our dear friend Jack was married a couple of weekends ago.

It wasn't completely astonishing, but it was at least a little surreal.

It's just the thought of him being someone's husband...ha!

Go Mallory! We're rooting for you!

We love Jack (or, Mallory's husband. See? Weird.).

Laine loves him the most.

Here is Laine with Jack at her wedding.
He was a bridal attendant.

Here is Laine with Jack at Dallas's birthday party just a few weeks ago.

And here's Laine with Jack (and a short Grady in the middle) in the photo collage at Jack's wedding. I think the picture was taken in 1996. Maybe 1997.

And here's his youngest brother James, with their dad and Karen.
Mom still refers to James as "Little James" sometimes.
He's not little. But we still treat him like he is.
And Mr. Craig is enormous. One of the biggest men I know.
Big man. Good facial hair. Loves to feed people (he and Mrs. Anita cooked all the food for the reception and it was, as always, some of the best I've ever had).
Sound familiar?

Have I mentioned that Karen is Dallas's mom?
She is. And here's her boy, handing out programs and letting me take his picture.
Very handsome.

Okay, here's the thing: I took a picture of all the of the boys with a female relative (not the mother of the groom, nor the bride). Unfortunately, this woman's white foundation garments showed through her otherwise very modest knit dress when I used the flash. So I had to do a little cropping.

Here's Grady with Jack.
This is seriously the most cleaned up I've seen Jack in nearly 10 years.
And the first time I've seen Grady at all in forever (the rest of the family was at Laine's wedding).

And here's James, looking like he's all by himself.
But he really isn't.

We took several dozen pictures, and ate ridiculous amounts of brisket*, and hugged people. Repeatedly. Lots of love. Lots of food. Lots of classic George Strait songs at the reception.

I have more pictures, but they're on a roll of film that hasn't been used up yet. So you have to wait.

We even took some pictures of the three of us girls with all three of the boys. When we finished we all said "Oh, that's everybody but Levi!"

"Well, and the husbands..."

"Oh wait, and Mallory...."

Our parents are already making plans for Christmas.

Should be a good-looking bunch.

*I am completely blown away by how much I love brisket. I love brisket more than I have loved some family pets. It's a deep, powerful love. God bless bbq. I'm getting emotional just thinking about how much I love it.

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