Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jack's Wedding, Part II

The cake!

I was trying to be stealthy and take a picture of Mr. Craig and Mrs. Anita without the flash.
It didn't work.
See? I obviously used the flash here.
Hello, Mom and sisters.
Jack and Mallory are popular.
Chad and Robert and Mike had to stand.
(Cody missed this due to work.)
Robert took these out-of-focus shots with my camera.
This picture effectively sums up the past 15 years.
Someone's missing.
No one's ready.
And there's no explanation for this behavior.
This is as good as it will get.


Mr. Craig and Mom, the best 4H club leaders ever.

Mrs. Anita refused to look at me.
Oh, how I hate her!
No, I don't.
I love her.

Lovely little family shot.

Which reminds me: I would have sworn to you that I took pictures of the bride, the bride with her new family, and a couple of the lovely area where the wedding and reception took place.

Then I remembered that after I took this picture of Dallas and the family, Karen asked me to take a picture with her camera.

And then I took some other pictures with her camera.

And that's why those pictures didn't turn up when I developed this film.

At least I have this.

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