Friday, September 11, 2009

One other thing

I forgot that I copied this from my wedding album* a while ago and didn't put it in my anniversary post:

Behold, on the right, the Justice League comic cover groom's cake!

It's Batman and Wonder Woman reaching for each other's hands.

Her wrist bands sparkled.

His black icing turned people's teeth funny colors.

Because nothing says true love everlasting like a comic in which they imagine an alternate universe where Batman and Wonder Woman fall in love and then die in some kind of horrific destruction (the details escape me).

My beloved immediately thought of this issue when I jokingly told him he could have some kind of comic-themed cake.

It was a big hit.

Casey stole what little was left of it after the reception and took it away to Missouri. Cody was sad, but still declared himself victorious and said his cake would beat whatever groom's cake Casey may ever have at any point in time. Or something to that effect. Apparently twins talk about weddings like this.

But I'm inclined to agree.

*PS: I forgot to mention it in the anniversary post, but my pictures were taken (and the wedding album designed) by a family friend who just so happens to be a professional photographer. Here's her website.

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