Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New toy, part II

I can't, won't, don't stop.

Although, I did say yesterday that rollip.com was run by Polaroid. It's not. Sorry!

Yes, I've been playing on it again when I noticed the fine print.

After running various family photos through this, I wondered if something darker would help this photo.
How can you tell? Meh. Kids, it's time for a new family photo.

Here are my parents from a couple of summers ago.

As if the dog needed to look more dramatic.

Cody and Robert are hardcore.

As is Levi.
In a sunny evening in the 1950s sort of way.

If Laine and I are ever taken hostage in the seventies,
we're going to look like this.

Little farmers.

Little Dallas.
I know he's not really little, but when he was a baby he looked a little like an alien.
A cute alien.
This reminds me of that.

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